About Us

After having their third child in 2013, Bethany and Andrew decided that moving to Northumberland County was something they wanted to do. They also wanted to take a leap into owning and building their own company.

After spending several years together “flipping” homes, and really getting a sense of what was missing in the residential construction industry, the idea for their company was born. Together, Bethany and Andrew set out to offer a different, far more comprehensive and transparent client experience for homeowners taking on home renovation projects.

In 2014, Bethany and Andrew acquired a small cabinet company, which solidified their entry into the construction space. Following that initial acquisition, the YouNique Building Group was formed. The vision that Bethany and Andrew set out to achieve was realized – providing clients with the expertise and resources needed to take a renovation or construction project from concept through to completion.

When Bethany and Andrew are not working in the business, they are enjoying time with their family of three boys and working on their home in Northumberland.

Today, YouNique Building Group operates under three divisions: Consulting & Design, Sourcing & Supply and Building & Renovation.

What We Do

We are a turn-key design, supply and build firm. We provide clear direction from start to finish by streamlining every aspect of your project. Ultimately, we eliminate the uncertainty and chaos that homeowners have come to expect with renovations.

Meet Our Team

Bethany Sloggett
President – Head of Consulting & Design

Andrew Sloggett
President – Head of Operations

Caryn Sabine
Managing Director and Design Consultant

Caryn’s path to YouNique is somewhat different than one might expect. Prior to building a career in interior design, she built a successful career in Human Resources Management. As an HR professional, Caryn was known for her ability to build rapport with her clients, and for her unwavering commitment to collaborating with others.

In 2017, Caryn and her husband bought a 30-year-old house that was in desperate need of an update. They immediately set out to transform the house into their forever home. This passion project quickly set Caryn on a new career path – one that allowed her to combine her passion for design and style with her zeal for helping and collaborating with others.

As a Design Consultant, Caryn takes pride in her ability to design exceptional living spaces that truly reflect the way her clients live, work and play. With the right balance of timeless elements and unique features, Caryn creates fresh, inviting spaces that her clients can be proud of for years to come.

When Caryn is not working with clients, she can be found enjoying life with her family of active boys and continuing the on-going transformation of her forever home one space, and one detail, at a time.

Samantha Carrington
Technical Designer

As someone who is happiest when she gets to be creative, a career in the design field has always been her dream. Samantha is a graduate of Humber College’s Interior Decorating program and has been a part of YouNique’s team since 2018. She loves producing inventive designs that create harmony between people and their spaces. Samantha is a curious person who is always trying to learn more about the industry as it is constantly evolving.

Samantha pulls a lot of her inspiration from the Midcentury Modern and Scandinavian styles, and loves designing with earth tones. She is a nature lover who spends most of her free time outside – whether that be hiking, camping, or visiting local farms. If she isn’t outside, you can almost always find Samantha designing at her desk, or spending time with the people she loves.

Jennifer Carr
Design Consultant
When you think of interior design – you think of shopping and picking out beautiful items – and these are two of Jennifer’s favourite things! But to truly make a space perfect for someone else you must have a passion for helping others.

Jennifer has a strong combination of loving design and style but most importantly she has a desire to help other people achieve their goals and find happiness. Being in the health care field for a decade, Jennifer dedicated her time to helping
others. By making the transition to helping others in a different capacity, interior design as become a true dream come true for her. Finding the ideal work life balance with her hardworking husband and two very busy little boys at home, Jennifer has
been able to expand her passion for interior design and grow with our YouNique business. Jennifer loves creating beautiful spaces of all styles that are reflective of the architecture of the building and that bring joy to its residents. She believes your home is your true safe haven and comfort zone, so you shouldn’t follow the “trends” and instead embrace what you love in life to make it your own. Jennifer is a true creative soul who is always decorating and designing whether its at work or in her own home and garden.

Your Life, Your Style.

Impeccably Designed To Suit Your Lifestyle.